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Don Anderson


Imagination is an ultimate tool of a human being. One step into it will
open many possibilities ahead of one’s life. Therefore courage will
determine someone’s step into his imagination.


In my earlier years, painting was something I enjoyed but which had to be fitted in among a busy work schedule and the needs of a young family. Now, as a widower, I have the time and the means to travel and to paint.

The paintings shown in the gallery are representative of the work I do. Almost all are of different subjects and styles – representational, impressionist, portrait or abstract – mainly done in the studio but some en plein air.

I’ve studied techniques such as ébauche, impasto, scumbles, glazes etc. I work mainly in oils but occasionally in water colour and acrylic. I’m currently exploring shadows and wet surfaces, rainy pavements and puddles and the lovely reflections they produce.

The walls of my studio are crammed with my paintings. Interested viewers are very welcome to visit me in East Molesey, Surrey, by appointment please.

Ring 0203 6595093 or email me at gallerydon@ymail.com

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Camden Lock

Street Musician in Paris

A Meeting of the Emperors


Avenue de Montmatre

If you would like to purchase a painting, please send me an email at gallerydon@ymail.com with its title and your address and postcode. I will then have it packed and weighed, and a courier quote obtained. I will email you the total cost. If this is acceptable, I will give you my details for a bank transfer, or pay by cheque. Your payment will be held in escrow for 14 days until you have received and approved the painting.

If, for any reason you are not happy with your purchase,
you may return it within that time for a full refund.