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In my earlier years, painting was something I enjoyed but which had to be fitted in amongst a busy work schedule and the needs of a young family. Now, as a widower, I have the time and the means to travel and to paint.

The 50 paintings shown in the gallery are representative of the work I do. Almost all are of different subjects and styles – representational, impressionist, portrait or abstract – mainly done in the studio but some en plein air.

I’ve studied techniques such as ébauche, impasto, scumbles, glazes etc. I work mainly in oils but occasionally in water colour and acrylic. I’m currently exploring shadows and wet surfaces, rainy pavements and puddles and the lovely reflections they produce.

My gallery is hosted by the “Society for All Artists (saa.co.uk) who stock a huge range of artists’ materials at very competitive prices, sent free to members, publish the “Paint” magazine, hold workshops and host galleries online.

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